2024 Event Series

Collective events are exclusively available to members and invited guests.

Our events are intimate in size, focus on interactive discussions over lectures, encourage healthy discourse, and always include time to enjoy the scenery & recreation together.  We explore the current macro climate, consider specific trade ideas, and share challenges.

We create space for members to feel comfortable and confident, never on display or sold to.

Winter 2024
Member dinnEr, Dallas, TX
January 18
Member DInner & Seinfeld SHOW at Beacon Theatre, New York, NY
February 2
Winter Member Event, London
February 29 - March 2
The first official event of the year takes Collective to London for two days of interactive sessions, breakout discussions, and reconnecting with the community.

Spend dedicated time connecting with a brilliant group of investors and business owners who are all eager to learn and share ideas. We'll talk through positioning for the impending US Presidential Election, workshop through challenges together, and of course enjoy some iconic British experiences (think a pub quiz, a football match, and plenty of pints).
Podcast Filming, New york, NY
March TBA
Join us in New York to observe up to 4 conversations being filmed for the Collective Member Podcast. Interact directly with the guests after their conversation for a lively Q&A discussion. We’ll wrap the day up with dinner and some NYC entertainment.
Spring 2024
May 8 - 10
Details TBA
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