Here's to 2023

We had a big year with experiences spanning 4 countries and 9 cities, we welcomed almost 20 speakers and enjoyed all types of cuisines from ramen in New York City to classic French countryside fare to Cuban food in Miami Beach and the best chicken-fried steak in Dallas.

Collective is all about bringing together great people to forge authentic, valuable connections through memorable experiences. Our first year succeeded in doing just that and 2024 promises to be another epic year. 

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Looking Back

18 speakers
2 boats
4 countries
9 cities
San Francisco
Fort Worth
Le Mans
“Events you’ll remember with small groups of interesting people and with speakers who engage deeply with the audience through dialogue, not just giving a one-way transmission.” 
- Cassandra V.
“Although the common interest of investing is the song that brings everyone together, the experiences and intimate settings that Shannon creates invite the vulnerability that cues members that it is a place where members can listen and share safely – which of course is the only way mutual growth can actually happen.”
- Kris A.
“The choice of stunning, unique venues adds an extra layer of enjoyment to our gatherings. Each interaction has not only broadened my perspectives but also deepened my appreciation for this vibrant community. Collective is more than a series of events, it’s a journey of continuous learning and connection.”
- Mike P.

Miami, Florida

2/8 - 2/10

Jason Buck & Corey Hoffstein

New York,
New York

4/25 - 4/27

Lakshman Achuthan, Mike Green,
& Josh Wolfe

Lake Tahoe, Nevada

6/1 - 6/4

Kris Abdelmessih, Robert Mullin,
& Noel Smith

Le Mans, France

6/29 - 7/2

Pippa Malmgren, Tim Papandreou,
& Patrick Walker

DFW, Texas

11/1 - 11/3

Josh Ayers, Don Bell, Mark Hart III,
Jacob ShapirO

Dinner Series

Summer, Fall 2023



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