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Authentic Relationships.
Real Connections.

The Collective was founded on the idea that authentic relationships and real connections are the most valuable assets entrepreneurs and investors have. We create space for these connections to happen through a private network that gathers in person throughout the year in beautiful locales.We are not simply a media company or content creator - we are unique. We carefully craft the perfect spaces for thoughtful conversations, sharing of unique perspectives, and healthy discourse. We painstakingly curate membership to foster connections, encourage exchange and facilitate idea flow. There is no one voice in the room or topic to be covered - Collective experiences feature a variety of strong hosts from a wide range of industries, all with their own personal style and talents.

Our people
Shannon Staton
2023 Season hosts
Jason Buck
Mutiny Fund
Michael Green
Portfolio Manager,
Dr. Pippa Malmgren
Economist &
Former Presidential Advisor
Timothy Papandreou
Founder, Emerging
Technologies Advisors
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