About Us
Real connections through exceptional experiences.

Collective was founded on the idea that authentic relationships and real connections are the most valuable assets investors and entrepreneurs have - and the best way to forge these connections is through exceptional experiences.

We create and produce experiences both for the Collective Membership as well as in partnership with great brands and thought leaders.

Through all of our events we bring together brilliant minds from a wide range of industries including (and never limited to) VC investing, asset allocation, the latest tech innovations, emerging markets, positioning for monetary policy, geopolitics, economic cycles, and much more. You won’t find speakers at our events simply delivering a one-way transmission to an audience of spectators - they’re eager to engage in real dialogue and discussion too.

Our people
Shannon Staton
2023 Event Season Speakers

Collective works with a network of speakers to bring members expert information across a variety of industries through events, calls, podcasts, and more

Jason Buck
Corey Hoffstein
Lakshman Achuthan
Mike Green
Josh Wolfe
Kris Abdelmessih
Noel Smith
Robert Mullin
Dr. Pippa Malmgren
Timothy Papandreou
Patrick Walker
Piers Kicks
Denise Shull
Josh Ayers
Jacob Shapiro
Mark Hart III
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